Have you ever been so happy with a piece of jewelry, and  thought to yourself ‘Damn i wish i could keep this one forever’. 

You have, right?

I’ve had this thought. Many times. But then almost immediately, or at least way too soon, my favorite piece faded, broke or appeared to be  something of poor quality. 

I just want to make sure the things I enjoy are of good quality and don’t secretly harm the world or the people who made it. 

So, as a dutchie creative i started creating jewelry straight up from my humble little living room.  

Now A LITTLE LEM is a jewelry brand that strives to create jewelry of good quality, with a personal touch. 

For me it’s very important that each item is made with carefully picked gemstones and, with a little wink, communicates their own story. And by  using only metals like 14 karat gold and sterling silver, your favorite piece will, for sure, last a lifetime.

Buy good, keep forever.