Claire The Criminal – Emerald


Claire is a delicate piece and she is completely mesmerizing. The beautiful vibrant green Emerald in the centre is so feminine, and the sparkle of the side details completes the classic, dainty look. Claire is made of 14 karat solid gold.

  • Emerald
  • 5mm round cabochon
  • material thickness 1.6 mm
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Emerald encourages spiritual growth, clairvoyance and a sense of beauty, harmony and justice. It makes us upright, goal-orientated and life-affirming. Emerald enhances friendship, love and unity between partners. It keeps us mentally young.
Emerald helps overcome misfortunes and blows dealt by fate. It bestows a balanced nature, openness, recovery and regeneration. Mined in Brazil and Canada.

Emerald is the birthstone for February.