Claire The Criminal – Onyx 14k


Claire is a delicate piece and she is completely mesmerizing. The beautiful Black Onyx in the centre is so feminine, and the sparkle of the details on the side completes the classic, dainty look. Claire is made of 14 karat solid gold.

  • Onyx
  • 5mm round cabochon
  • material thickness 1.6 mm
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Onyx encourages self-realization. It helps us to pursue our own goals with determination and is therefore, particularly suited to people who are easily influenced and led. Onyx fortifies our own self-confidence and sense of responsibility. It encourages a healthy egoism and the willingness to get involved in a dispute if necessary.
Onyx stimulates analytical thought and logic, improves concentration and helps us to argue in a conclusive and determent manner. Onyx makes us sober and realistic and improves our control over our own actions.  Mined in India.