December Birthstone Ring – Turquoise


To celebrate the fact that you (or your friend) just stepped into the world of badass motherhood. Or do it in the name of love, self love, that is.
Choose your favorite metal for each part of the ring and your Birthstone ring will be made to order in around 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Turquoise
  • 8x6mm cabochon
  • square band thickness 1,5 mm
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She’s an old rolling stone, been around the block and back. TURQUOISE’s fame goes back, like, way back; she’s travelling beauty. From Ancient Egypt, China, and Persia to the markets of Venice and the tombs of the Aztecs. Prehistoric Indiant priests used to wear it in ceremonies when calling on the great spirit of the sky.

She’s been around, but she’s not worn down, no way. These experiences have created calcified layers on her rich history. She ain’t no one-hit wonder, rather, she’s still the world’s biggest pop star.

Why’s that? Well, turquoise carries humankind’s secret recipe to success: balance. She’s the Goldilocks of the gang of greats, and she holds it down so that each aspect of your life is tight as hell. Work. Play. Love. Head. Heart. Hand. They all get their fair share of energy, because that’s how turquoise rolls.

Turquoise also fortifies as it calms. It’s like aloe vera for over-fried hair. Hence, it builds up strength and smacks down stress, making you into a super human being. When you can be truly human, you can be truly you. That’s the best kind of freedom there is.

Vibes: Balance / Health / Immortality / Friendship / Protection / Heritage / Luck / Leadership / Self-acceptance / Prayer / Healing / Communication

Tough love level: 5-6 Mohs