Fiona The Firecracker – Chalcedony


Fiona The Firecracker plays with colours and textures flawlessly! The flower sterling silver band meets with a bright blue chalcedony in the centre.

  • Blue Chalcedony
  • 10×8 mm oval cabochon shape
  • material thickness 2 mm
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Blue chalcedony represents both aspects of communication: the ability to listen and to understand, as well as the ability to communicate effectively. It encourages the pleasure of contact with other humans, with animals, plants and beings from all worlds. Just as the mineral itself it is able to form itself into any given spaces during formation, chalcedony also helps us to accept new situations and to overcome resistance without at the same time losing our own character.
Blue chalcedony bestows a light-heartedness, a carefree, elated feeling for life with an optimistic joie-de-vivre. It enhances conscious self-awareness through improving perception. Mined in Brazil, India, Madagascar, Morocco, Mexico and Namibia.