Fiona The Firecracker – Pink Moonstone


A radiant Pink Moonstone set in 14 karat gold, makes Fiona The Firecracker one of the dreamiest rings ever. Her vibrant color and modern, simple style are what make this ring a Unique Yet Timeless beauty to cherish for ages.

  • Pink Moonstone
  • 8×6 oval
  • material thickness 1.6 mm
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Moonstone refines our (subconscious) perception of light, thereby enhancing intuition. It bestows depth of feeling, improves the remembering of dreams and diminishes any tendencies to sleepwalking. Moonstone makes us more open to sudden, irrational impulses. This means that it encourages ‘happy coincidences’ but can just as easily let us trip up on our own illusions. Mined in Australia and India.