Fiona The Firecracker – Ruby


A radiant pinkish-red Ruby set in 14 karat gold, makes Fiona The Firecracker one of the dreamiest rings ever. Her vibrant color and modern, simple style are what make this ring a Unique Yet Timeless beauty to cherish for ages.

  • Ruby
  • 5×4 mm faceted
  • material thickness 1.6 mm
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Ruby bestows straight forwardness and the ability to direct scattered spiritual energies towards a single goal. By usin Ruby, we are made to look at our own lives in a critical way and reject anything that does not stand up to scrutiny. Ruby encourages the desire for knowledge and wisdom. Ruby has a calming effect. It helps with depression, psychic illness and delusions. Ruby strengthens the power of belief and the love of truth. Mined in Afrika..