Jess The Mess – Garnet 14k Gold/Rose Gold


Jess The Mess is the perfect dainty stacker to add to (or start) your ring collection. You can choose to have Jess made of 14 karat gold or 14 karat rose gold. She is individually cut, soldered and polished for a beautiful hand-crafted, high-quality ring.

  • Garnet
  • 2 mm faceted stone
  • material thickness 1 mm
  • choose 14k gold or rose gold
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Garnet promotes self-confidence, strength of character and joie de vivre. It bestows courage, hope and trust; obstacles are seen as challenges that have to be dealt with. In difficult situations, garnet displays an endurance that will surprise its wearer. Garnet eliminates unnecessary inhibitions and taboos, ensures active, balanced sexuality, and helps with potency problems. Mined in Mozambique.