Jess The Mess – Green Tourmaline 14k Gold/Rose Gold


Jess The Mess is the perfect dainty stacker to add to (or start) your ring collection. You can choose to have Jess made of 14 karat gold or 14 karat rose gold. She is individually cut, soldered and polished for a beautiful hand-crafted, high-quality ring.

  • Green Tourmaline
  • 2 mm faceted stone
  • material thickness 1 mm
  • choose 14k gold or rose gold
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Tourmaline brings relaxation and joie de vivre. It helps us to find a new direction, rediscover lost goals and ideas and be grateful for the miracles in life. Green Tourmaline makes us patient and open. It helps us to express feeling and promotes an interest in other people and the environment. It eases stress and helps with hyperactivity. Mined in Brazil, Pakistan and Russia.