March Birthstone Ring – Aquamarine


To celebrate the fact that you (or your friend) just stepped into the world of badass motherhood. Or do it in the name of love, self love, that is.
Choose your favorite metal for each part of the ring and your Birthstone ring will be made to order in around 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Aquamarine
  • 8x6mm faceted
  • square band thickness 1,5 mm
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AQUAMARINE comes from lore that’s as bittersweet as it is salty. A stone of the seas; it’s a talisman of protection and fearlessness, guiding those who travel by sea (or by highway) to reach their destination in one piece for the next adventure (or boardroom meeting).

The facets of aquamarine act as a mirror, reflecting itself indefinitely, and letting seers see life’s hidden meanings. It’s a speaker of truths, it’s a stone that keeps it real, even more than that friend that has no friends because they’re too honest for their own good. Because unlike that friend, aquamarine delivers truth in a delicate envelope, soft to the touch, articulated with a searing tenderness that opens wounds only to heal them, without anger or judgment, in wholesome compassion and light-hearted awareness. Aquamarine just knows, man.

It’s a stone of natural justice. It gives quiet courage, jazzes up intellectual reasoning, and smoothens the tongue for bright articulation. It’s also more relaxing than a cup o’ chamomile.

Aquamarine pushes you to be better, do good, grow from your mistakes, and celebrate your triumphs. It’s a disciplining stone, but it does so in buoyant vibes. It is like water after all – cool and flowing but still a powerful force of nature.

It’s no wonder that aquamarine is used as a token of love or fidelity – it signifies continuous growth for “as long as the waters of the Earth flow”. And that’s a hella long time.

Vibes: Purity / Renewal and new beginnings / Eternal youth/ Compassion / Light-heartedness / Harmony in times of conflict / Flow and fluidity

Tough love level: 7–8 Mohs