Rosie The Rascal – Rutile Quartz


Rosie The Rascal features a teardrop shaped clear quartz with golden rutile needles scattered throughout. Each gemstone is one of a kind and set in sterling silver. The little details make Rory a perfectly delicate pendant.

  • Rutile Quartz
  • 12×8 mm teardrop shape
  • chain lenght 32-36 cm

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Rutile quartz gives us new hope and transmits uprightness, independence and spiritual greatness. It helps us defend ourselves without losing sight of our goals.
Rutile quartz has a moon-lifting and antidepressive effect. It dissolves hidden, unacknowledged fear and liberates us from feelings of anxiety and constriction. Rutile quartz helps develop vision. It helps us to think big and not limit out visions and horizons because of supposed pressure of circumstances.